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Next Trail: 19-21st May 2023

Welcome to Wivenhoe Art Trail!


The Wivenhoe Art Trail is non profit making event designed to support and promote artists and makers who reside in Wivenhoe and wish to open their studios to the public. It is run by a team of Wivenhoe artists and makers for Wivenhoe artists and makers. We conduct two trails per year, charging a nominal fee to collectively cover leaflets, advertising and promotional material. Our website and social media platforms promote participating artists and show a flavour of their work and contact details. The event is open to established and emerging artists with no vetting procedure. There is no specific venue or assistance in finding spaces to exhibit. We simply ask for all exhibitors to be currently residing in Wivenhoe and actively promote each event. 

If you live in Wivenhoe and wish to take part please do get in touch....

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Artists taking part in the May 2023 trail


* Jo Angell * Sara Barker  * Maggie Bernstein * Miranda Campbell * Dantes Ceramics * Emma Connolly * Catherine Dodds * Lone Quist Edwards * Laura Fletcher * Fleurs du Coeur * Rosanna Gethin * Fiona Harmon * Richard Hayward *

Julien Holley * Maureen Hume * Jane James * Ella Johnston *  Anthony Jones * Lauren Kelly * Georgina Lorton * 

Caroline Moiret *  Tony Pickering * David Purdey * Railway Glass Studio * Janet Roberts * Vicky Rosenthal * Jackie South * Danny Steadman * Alison Stockmarr * Sarah Waters * Jane Watson *  Nigel Taylor * Wivenhoe Printworks *

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