Map of Wivenhoe

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(1)  Colin McAllister:

       Snublic Gallery, 26 The Cross, CO7 9QL
(2)  Sheena Clover:

       92 Ernest Rd, CO7 9LJ
(3)  Tilly de Willebois & Julie Cuthbert:

       49 Manor Rd, CO7 9LN
(4)  Dave Purdy:

       13 De Vere Close, CO7 9AX
(5)  Georgina Lorton:

       Talisman House, Chapel Rd, CO7 9AZ
(6)   Imy & Ali Hare, Charlotte Wells:

       Admiral’s Walk, CO7 9SZ
(6)  Maureen Hume, Janet Roberts & Jo Rizzato:

       Admiral’s Walk, CO7 9SZ
(6)  Everard Longland & Clinton Hale:

       Admiral’s Walk, CO7 9SZ
(7)  Teresa Cole & Beverly MacGregor:

       Creek House, 56 Old Ferry Rd CO7 9SW
(8)  Dave Purdy, Margie North,

       Vanessa Baxter & Miranda Campbell:

       Bookshop, 23 High St, CO7 9BE
(9)  Annie & Elin Bielecka:

       Nottage Institute, Quay, CO7 9BX
(10)  Mark Osborne:

          7 Brook St, CO7 9DS
(11)  Jo Angell:

          Riverside, The Folly, CO7 9DB
(12)  Alison Stockmarr, Richard Hayward & Jane Watson:

          Dockside, 30 Walter Radcliffe Rd, CO7 9FF

(13)  Catherine Dodds & Lone Edwards:

          5 Pearl Walk, CO7 9GS

(14)  Pru Green, Janet Harker, Fiona Harman,
         James Johnston, Simon Sharp, Debra Weiss:

         Wivenhoe Sailing Club, Walter Radcliffe Rd, CO7 9WS
(15)  Laura Fletcher:

          29 Walter Radcliffe Rd, CO7 9FF
(16)  Fleurs du Coeur:

          Halyard House, 2 Cooks Crescent, CO7 9FJ
(17)  Railway Glass Studio:

          11 Business Centre, CO7 9DP
(17)  Andrea Luxford Vaughan:

          10 Business Centre, CO7 9DP
(17)  Victoria Ward:

          14-16 Business Centre, CO7 9DP

(17)  Sarah Waters:

          14-16 Business Centre, CO7 9DP
(17)  Wivenhoe Printworks:

          23/4 Business Centre, CO7 9DP

(18)  Kalyani Temmink:

          Paget Road Green, CO7 9DT

(19)  Sara Barker:

          Vikings, Anglesea Rd, CO7 9JR
  Wivenhoe Online Gallery:         

          16 Queens Rd, CO7 9JH

(21)  Dantes Ceramics & Tom Dobby:
          Wrawby House, 12 Park Rd, CO7 9NB
(22)  Vicky Rosenthal:

          42 Valley Rd, CO7 9NA
(23)  Caroline Moiret:

          13 The Dale, CO7 9NL
(24)  Jane James:

          17 The Dale, CO7 9NL